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Nigel Roman

You’re from the desert! Tell us about growing up here. Have you always been here? 

Yeah! I am what some like to call a desert rat. I’ve been here for most of my life. I left for a bit to San Bernardino when I was 18 and then again to Seattle when I was 22 or so but other then that I have been here my entire life.  I grew up on sunburst circle where my grandmother currently resides. 

This town is a special place. I wish sometimes I could see this place from the eyes of someone new to the area so I could appreciate its beauty a bit more. But I was able to experience a completely different side of the desert that you just dont get to be apart of by just visiting or simply moving here. 

I wonder what I might have gotten myself into had I not grown up here. 

Joshua tree is in someways a breading ground for artists of all kinds. Probably because of the desolate nature of the location. Everybody does something.


This area has been receiving a lot of attention lately, a lot of people have moved here from other places, how do you feel about this? 

This area has been receiving a lot of attention lately, a lot of people have moved here from other places, how do you feel about this? 

Well, I dont know about anyone else but I have learned to understand the difference between the things I can change and the things I cannot. And as far as I’m concerned. This place belongs to everyone. So the same goes for them and their home town. Nothing is stopping me from moving to where they grew up. I guess what bothers me is what bothers everyone who is concerned with the well being of the planet. Lack of care. I dont care who comes as long as they help or heal rather then destroy. But like I said with somethings there is nothing I can really do about it except help clean up the mess once it has been made. 


People are interested in your process, can you tell us a little bit about behind the scenes? From idea to finished song/piece? 

That is a question I often ask myself. It started with the acoustic guitar and my yearning to write songs. Growing up watching movies  and listening to strong conceptual music and having this “conflict/resolution” engrained in my head drove me to learn how to write songs. It just so happened all I had was an acoustic guitar.

If I could go back I would have started with the piano. 

So, back then it was a very organic process. Play guitar, come up with something my heart was drawn too, come up with the characters or story that the guitar melody decided for me and then follow a rubric verse chorus verse etc. 

I have just recently equipped a new process having to do with blocks. Like a building, using a looper or protools. Build a block or section of music that can be changed according to what I want to do with it and keep building. That way when I attempt a song I have material to work from rather then .. ok I need to write a song and it needs to be great and yeah.. ok .. lets do this... lets write this song.. ok.. I’m thirsty.. guess I’ll get a drink..  I am pretty tired... I could use a nap. So on and so forth. 


Who and/or what are you influences? Can be from another artist to just stepping outside

My influences come from experiences and from watching and analyzing other artists. A few of my favorite song-writers are Phill Collins, Justin Vernon, Ray Lamontagne, and Beck to name a few. But really anytime I listen to any music I try to break it apart and understand what it is they are doing to create the vibe that is being sent out. Some say it isn’t good to compare yourself.

Personally I think there are two sides to comparing. Like a battery.. there is a - and a +. Wow that guy is great “i will never be that good” that is -. Wow that guy is great! Now i see what i can also do or achieve. Its all about perspective.


What keeps you going?

Lack of understanding. My brain dishes out doubt like a mickey D’s dollar burger.. like for example “I am not as great as I think I am or my music will never stand out amongst everyone else’s or I am not actually determined. Daily this happens. But the fact is that I do not actually know that for certain. For all I know I am just as influential as those that influence me. So I keep going. No one knows where we actually came from or why we are here or what will happen next. All I know is I have a passion and interest that has not left me since I sang along to my first N*Sync album and that must account for something. 


Besides singing and song writing, what else are you up to? 

Another issue I have faced is being lazy. So I have this little guy in my head that screams “get off your ass” which keeps me pretty busy. 

I have a production company my partner and I build and we have a venue in downtown Joshua Tree called Taylor Junction where we throw live music events. We are about to start a youtube music video series. Loving my lady and our dog definitely takes up a lot of time. Im playing in a side project called Robbers with 5 of my other friends. I host an open mic every Thursday at a cafe I have been working at for a few years. So yes I’m fairly busy 

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